Accelerate innovation with a 2-speed-architecture

The digital revolution not only changes our personal lives, but has massive implications on the competitive landscape. To win in this new environment, companies need to quickly develop new products, … Continue Reading →


“Fracking” Organisational Potential for Energising Innovative Strategy Development

We get many requests to use our creative science and technology management thinking to help company managements to develop ways of improving and energising their real time business development processes. … Continue Reading →


Interviewer:  You’re giving a session at the Next Generation Testing conference in Chicago on the 18th September that describes some “intelligent” mistakes in test automation. This sounds like an oxymoron … Continue Reading →


How the Government is using Cloud Computing

When you think of cloud computing and all the benefits that can come from it, you probably think of the advantages it gives businesses. Many companies have adopted cloud computing … Continue Reading →


Next Generation Testing Conference 2014

Our recent conference “Next Generation Testing: Testing as an Activity” (26 June 2014) attracted some great participants who got really involved in the day.   Eva Madaan from The App Business … Continue Reading →


Behavioural Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance Conference 2014

Sentiment Analysis and the related topic of Opinion Mining concerns the analysis of texts (news, social media, micro blogs) and turning these into sentiments, opinions even feelings and human emotions. … Continue Reading →

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Testing: A state of mind or just an activity?

‘Testing as an activity’ – interestingly, this is one of the most talked about topics at the moment. It seems to be appearing everywhere, from Twitter feeds to blogs, and … Continue Reading →

Sentiment Analysis Week

Sentiment Analysis Week UNICOM is pleased to announce their annual Behavioral Models and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance Conference and Workshop Series Sentiment Analysis Conference, London, Millennium Mayfair, 18 – … Continue Reading →


DevOps Questions for the UNICOM DevOps Summit London, Feb 2014

Matthew Skelton answers some of the questions raised during the DevOps Summit in London on 28th February. A very interesting read…..   Hyperlink – http://blog.matthewskelton.net/2014/03/02/devops-questions-from-unicom-devops-summit-feb-2014/


Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance

Sentiment Analysis has developed as a technology that applies machine learning and makes a rapid assessment of the sentiments expressed in news releases. News (events) move the market and are … Continue Reading →