Alfresco Enterprise Content Repository

clip_image001Organisations are creating tremendous volumes of digital content – documents, e-mails, videos, audio, images, etc.

“In 2011 the world will create a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information” –

 Enterprise Content Management systems that capture, manage and store this digital BIG DATA are a key component of an modern organisation’s information technology landscape.

At Zaizi, we’ve been deploying Alfresco as an organisation wide Enterprise Content Repository for Government and Financial Services organisations. Enterprise Content Repository is a single platform deployed across an organisation for the storage and management of all digital content.

An Enterprise Content Repository should provide;

  1. A collaborative user interface to enable employees, partners and customers to work together effectively. Accessible from desktops and mobiles; the interface should provide knowledge management best practices.

  2. An open interface to enable third party and line of business applications to easily utilise the content repository for storage of content. E.g. invoices from the finance system.

  3. Desktop and MS Office integrations to enable users to efficiently store and find content as they go about their daily work.

  4. Records management, audit and reporting capabilities to enable the organisations to meet the compliance and regulatory requirements for their specific industry.

  5. Intelligent search to enable the knowledge workers to find the the most relevant content they have access to quickly, while enabling compliance and risk teams to find all content related to a specific topic across the repository.

In addition to providing the above features The Enterprise Content Repository is modularly scalable and efficient. If the system is slow and inefficient it impacts the productivity of the entire organisation.

Alfresco’s modern architecture – built on open source and open standards based software – enables it to be cloud scalable on commodity hardware to meet the demands of global organisations.

In my talk I will explain how Zaizi are helping large government and financial services organisations to utilise Alfresco and other open source technologies. I will specifically cover;


  1. MongoDB – Using MongoDB for Reference Data Systems to provide enhanced Label Security for Alfresco. [Embed:]

  2. Elastic Search – Using Elastic Search for visualising audit and time-stamped data for compliance and usage reporting. [Embed:]

  3. Apache ManifoldCF – For scalable enterprise search using either Apache Solr, Elastic Search or Amazon Cloud Search. [Embed:]

  4. Apache Stanbol – For Intelligent search using Semantic Enrichment to make sense of unstructured content to improve search and provide context. [Embed:]

  5. OpenStack – Leveraging OpenStack cloud platform to build the next generation of enterprise infrastructures.  [Embed:]


-Aingaran Pillai
CEO & Founder


Aingaran Pillai will be speaking at UNICOM’s Open Source Software Event on 5 December in London. For more information and to book your place please click here.


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