Perfection is in the eye of the beholder

In software development, we know there is no such thing as the perfect product, but users’ expectations fall nothing short of perfection in today’s digital age. When it comes to … Continue Reading →


Accelerate innovation with a 2-speed-architecture

The digital revolution not only changes our personal lives, but has massive implications on the competitive landscape. To win in this new environment, companies need to quickly develop new products, … Continue Reading →


“Fracking” Organisational Potential for Energising Innovative Strategy Development

We get many requests to use our creative science and technology management thinking to help company managements to develop ways of improving and energising their real time business development processes. … Continue Reading →


The journey from SDLC to ALM – A Programme Office View

We’ve grown up being educated (at least those of us who have studied Computer Science) about the various phases of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from Initiation through to … Continue Reading →

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Reducing your Application Management costs starts with understanding them

Considering how much money is spent on Application Management – about a third of an enterprise’s total IT budget – it’s surprising how little information there seems to be about … Continue Reading →

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Agile operations: closing the loop and delivering on the agile promise

Agile is hot. Scrum is booming. For quite some time already. As it originates from software development, we mostly see agile methods, Scrum in particular, implemented within development teams. However, … Continue Reading →


Alfresco Enterprise Content Repository

Organisations are creating tremendous volumes of digital content – documents, e-mails, videos, audio, images, etc. “In 2011 the world will create a staggering 1.8 zettabytes. By 2020 the world will … Continue Reading →


Practices for Scaling Agile in Enterprises

Enterprises that are adopting agile organizational-wide will at some time have to scale their agile practices. They usually have multiple interdependent teams, which makes them look for ways to make agile practices … Continue Reading →


When it comes to Real Time Analytics, there’s real time and real time…

In the past twelve months the phrase “real time analytics” has gone from being largely un-recognised to representing a host of big data analytics use cases that are not addressed … Continue Reading →


How DevOps Complements Agile at Nokia Entertainment

It makes you wonder why DevOps is getting so much attention when it seems agile has everything, says John Clapham from Nokia Entertainment in Bristol. Agile has the manifesto and principles, it focuses … Continue Reading →

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