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DevOps | Agile | Testing

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Considering the growing importance of these three topics, UNICOM would like to share with you the latest news, webinars, white papers and events around these subjects. We sincerely hope that you find this content both enjoyable and valuable, and that you could join us at one of our upcoming events!


DevOps is characterised by operations staff making use of mostly the same techniques as developersfor their systems. These techniques can go from using source control to testing to participating in an Agile development process.
To be a successful Agile or DevOps practitioner is to understand what a given implementation might contain.
In the end, what DevOps brings to Agile is the understanding and practice that software is not done until it has successfully delivered to a user and has methis expectations of availability and performance. Here is where Testing comes into stage, to make sure before putting it out there, that there are no errors in the software or system.
This is certainly not new to our readers, it is just a reminder of the essence of the tools and methodologies that we use, and that keeping ourselves updated on them, just makes our lives easier.



We have created the following compilation of the picks of this month for you to read. We thank our Media Partners for providing these articles. Our aim is to point you to what we consider are interesting and insightful updates on the topics:


“DevOps is a culture rather than a specific technique or technology. It aims to develop a collaborative working relationship and foster adoption of a common set of objectives to deliver IT services that provide value to the business.” Nigel Wilson


“The Agile Manifesto, originally designed for software development, encourages collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams to move rapidly, prioritise working services over exhaustive documentation, and maintain flexibility to change.” François Stragier and Heiner Himmelreich


“When the design is complete, coding follows and the finished code is then tested at the unit or module level by each programmer; at the component level by the group of programmers involved; and at the system level when all components are combined together. At early or late stages, a product or service may also be tested for usability.” Margaret Rouse



5 Big Myths Exploded
Matt Saunders
Principal Consultant Sendachi
4 May – 4:00pm BST


Automation in Agile SAP using Amazon Cloud Services
Saurabh Shrihar
Senior Test Specialist (Automation Expert) Johnson and Johnson
25 May – 12:00PM BST


How to Achieve Continuous Delivery without Downtime
Tom Flitter, Director of Applications & Integration, TASC


“Great conference today, brilliant speakers and compelling content at TestExpo ™

“The practical ideas can be taken away and implemented immediately!” Business Intelligence in a Networked World

DevOps Showcase North proved to be an excellent conference today. Informative. Provocative. Challenging.”


TestExpo™ and Agile Expo at the Emirates Stadium

TestExpo™, an event that attracts more than 250 testing professionals, co-hosted by UNICOM and Sogeti,takes place in October. It will beoffering challenging and inspiring presentations from technical experts and thought leaders from some of the most forward thinking organisations in the software testing market, including a number of real life case studies.
The event has a strong emphasis on networking and debate. There will also be an exhibition where visitors and exhibitors can learn about new ideas and techniques, and visit a tool shed, where delegates can view demos and get hands on experience with new software.
This year, TestExpo™ will take place along with the co-located event Agile Expo.

Agile Expo helps organisations that are about to or have already started the journey towards implementing or scaling agile by providing invaluable guidance and opportunity for an interactive exchange of ideas and experiences.

The programme comprises case studies, thought-provoking presentations, paneldiscussions and networking opportunities with Agile experts and peers. Among the presenters and panelists are some of the world’s most prominent Agile thought leaders combined with experienced practitioners who share real-life experience gained by implementing and scaling Agile within a range of different enterprises and business sectors.

TestExpo™ and Agile Expo takes place on October 12, at the Emirates Stadium.


Upcoming events in different locations in Europe, throughout the year:

-DevOps Showcase Dublin
19 May, Dublin
-DevOps Summit London
14 July, London
-DevOps Summit Paris
17 November, Paris
-DevOps Showcase Amsterdam
24 November, Amsterdam
-DevOps Summit London
6 December, London

-Agile Showcase Dublin
19 May, Dublin
-Agile Methods North
30 June, Manchester
-Agile Expo
12 October, London
-Agile Showcase Amsterdam
24 November, Amsterdam

-Testing Showcase Dublin
19 May, Dublin
-Next Generation Testing
14, July, London
-TestExpo™ 2016
12 October, London
-Testing Showcase Amsterdam
24 November, Amsterdam

More details here:


Have a look at the profiles of subject-experts and top ranking speakers presenting at our events:

These are just some of them, we will share more speakers with you in our following issues

Stephen Nelson-Smith Atalanta Systems, UNICOM principal consultant
Dan North, Dan North Associates
Ahmad Fahmy, Zone 2 Consulting Limited
Tony Grout, Lloyds Banking Group

Looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming events!

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