“Fracking” Organisational Potential for Energising Innovative Strategy Development

L_B961.tmpWe get many requests to use our creative science and technology management thinking to help company managements to develop ways of improving and energising their real time business development processes.  In that context we always look at a number of innovations and the possibility of applying a ‘Fracking Organisational Potential’ strategic management process has been well received, in spite of the controversial overtones of that energy releasing process.

One CEO said it could have considerable consequences for organisational structures, as vast reserves of new enterprise capabilities and decision making energy are released in the front line activities of organisations.  But isn’t this already the enabling  potential with innovations taking place in supportive CIT systems?

The upcoming event, Making Changes in Enterprise Architecture, leads with the observation that businesses need to be as proactive as possible when it comes to implementing strategies, methods and frameworks that may strengthen their market position. Enterprise Architecture is defined as a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation for the successful development and execution of strategy”.

Doing it is now the real time challenge. Managers need to adopt new more dynamic thinking in order to move from a position of inertia to a position of leadership and forward thinking. Bearing this in mind, the energising process of “strategic management fracking” will identify the areas of the organisation where energy releasing active learning and development engagement activities are most beneficial to prime the organisation for its transition into a new era of successful real time development.

Ref: www.g-acua.org

By Prof Richard Dealtry,
Executive Chairman,
G-ACUA – The Global Association of Corporate Universities and Academies.

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