Mission, Vision & Values

UnicomLogo(Newf)UNICOM Seminars’ mission is to be a global but a specialist provider of business to business communication products and services. We are active in commissioning new seminars, forums and training events. We try to stay in touch with :

technology developments

evolving business concepts and management thinking, and

respond to our clients’ information and training needs

1.            development and commissioning of seminars, workshops, specialist reports and newsletters, based on market research, technology analysis from a business perspective and peer group review

2.            specialisation and acquisition of business knowledge in the fields of information technology, management principles and best practices, financial engineering and modelling.

3.            use of leading edge networking, computing and new media technologies for the delivery of its products and services.

UNICOM Seminars’ products and services are targeted equally towards the end user companies and the vendor companies. The company fosters a culture of inclusive participation and team building, thus empowering its staff to achieve their full potential. This is reflected in its achievement of the Investor in People Standard.

The company is customer focused and encourages its staff to provide an excellent service to its clients. The company also values its supplier relationships and strives to achieve with the suppliers a positive partnership to jointly develop and deliver products and services of the highest quality.

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