OptiRisk sponsored Big Data Conference 2013 at UNICOM Seminars

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Just giving a quick heads up of OptiRisk’s latest activities. OptiRisk Systems sponsored and exhibited at “Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics & Social Media: B2B & B2C Infonomics” on 5 December.

Let me give some background to Big Data. Nowadays the Big Data word is buzzing around in nearly all organisations, and there is a pressing need to implement big data strategies. Data in the cloud provides the opportunity to further explore Big Data analytics and helps them to decide which data they should save forever and which they should throw away.

“Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics & Social Media: B2B & B2C Infonomics” conference was organised by UNICOM Seminars on 5 December at Novotel London West. Many renowned speakers presented their experience of Big Data in the conference.

The conference was welcomed and introduced by Prof. Gautam Mitra, CEO of OptiRisk Systems. Professor David J Hand, Chief Scientific Advisor at Winton Capital Management and an emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London, was the opening keynote speaker, who presented “Big Data: less than meets the eye?” He spoke of the potential benefits of Big Data, Open Data as well as the rules. The audience liked the summary of his talk that  “no one actually wants data; they want the answers which can be extracted from data”.

David’s talk was followed by Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies, who gave a presentation on “Big Data: Multiplatform Analytics” and explained the critical factors of big data. Dai Clegg from Acunu presented “Rise of Real Time Analytics: the second wave of Big Data”. Other presenters were Daniel Roberts from MongoDB, Charlie Hull from Flax, Cynan Rhodes & Clive Shirley from FSWire and the last presenter Federico Alberto Pozzi joined the conference from University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy.

This conference was organised alongside “Adopting Open Source Software within the Corporate ICT Strategy”. There was a combined panel session: Open Source Software & Proprietary Software: Identifying the winning strategy” across the both conferences. This panel was moderated and chaired by Prof. Mitra and panellists included Daniel Roberts, MongoDB; Clive Shirley, FSWire; Charlie Hull, Flax; Matt Hamailton, Netsight: Hugo Trippaers, Schuberg Philis.

OptiRisk Systems thanked UNICOM for organising this event and for bringing together leading finance professionals in the sector of big data. We would welcome your feedback of this blog.


-Aqeela Rahman

OptiRisk Systems


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